luxury built for sweat. need for long lasting effectthe

Where perfumes/colognes fail, we succeed. Gymati is on a mission to redefine the way people use body spray by providing clean, high-quality, performance deodorant with fragrances inspired by iconic designers, engineered for an active lifestyle .

Smelling good during

activities increase productivity

Smell has been proved to have a direct connection mood, energy, motivation and confidence.

The research behind scents

Influence of Fragrances on Human Psychophysiological Activity...

The scent of attraction and the smell of success...

Clean ingredients.

Fine fragrance. maximum performance.

Made with nature’s best ingredients — our products’ transparent ingredient lists allow you to know what’s going on your skin and your body. Literally.

Our favorite scents &

deodorant in one product

As athletes, training daily is part of our healthy routine, and sweat is a big part of it.

Over the years, we tried everything to stop bad odor during exercise but had little success. Over-the-counter deodorants wouldn’t last the entire workout, and perfume can get overwhelming and even go bad with sweat.

We wanted to create a solution that would give athletes confidence before, during, and after a workout. Freeing their minds to focus on their performance.

1 Purchase =

Made with nature’s best ingredients — we believe in the power of organic ingredients, but we also want to give back and restore what we have lost. We are so happy to partner up with Ecologi, so for every purchase you make here = 1 tree will be planted in United State to restore the lost forests and minimze CO2 footprint.